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Experiential Signage
Exceptional EcoDigital Media Experiences: They’re the result of a perfect combination of Content, Space and the Right Technology woven together to exceed the customers’ expectations.

WA LIC# ECODIML875NZ   /   OR CCB #203682

Network Digital Signage

Today’s consumers, employees, donors, and clients communicate digitally – everyday. Positively influencing their experience with your message requires that you emotionally and tangibly connect with them through a medium that is timely, interactive and dynamic, in multiple formats and languages.

Content Design and Management

To be in control of your brand’s message, you need communication solutions that facilitate control, not take it away from you. Your message needs to be both real-time and just-in-time but with the ability to change it anytime. And as you grow, you need a sustainable marketing solution to grow with you.

AUDIO Visual Enhancement

A TV on the wall no longer suffices as a digital solution. We are experts at screen sizing and placement, optimal resolution and readability criteria with timing and play cycles. So whether you want to re-purpose existing screens or start from scratch, the result is an engaging audience experience.

Interactive Digital Walls

As a state-of-the-art, scalable and sustainable wireless platform, this real-time medium provides the versatility you need to combine art and message to create a truly unique emotional connection with your audience that will transform their experience with your company. EcoDigital Media are certified Planar® Matrix® Video Wall and Planar® Mosaic® Architectural LCD Video Walls.

About EcoDigital Media

We pair wireless signage and mobile technologies to meet our clients' brand loyalty and e-commerce needs, whether those call for stand alone or multi-screen networks.
EcoDigital Media Digital Signage Advantage:

Some of EDM's indoor LCD signage advantages over traditional printed materials and static signs are the ability to change messages in “real time” and enable just-in-time marketing implementation. Reducing the reliance on paper and eliminating shipping and labor costs, your planned communications can play at any location at any time, during any day or season. From a web-browser you can manage and target screens for tailored media content on any display. Product and brand promotions can now be done in a dynamic and engaging format, and at a much lower cost when compared with traditional print media.

  • Specialties:

    Indoor Digital Media: Information and Way-finding; Donor Walls; Menu Boards

  • Messaging:

    Integrated Mobile to Screen Connectivity. Loyalty Programs Using Text Delivery Systems

  • Management:

    Ongoing Content Development and Brand Strategy

  • Industries

    While digital signage is applicable to any industry, our specialties are: Hospitals, Clinics, Retirement Communities, Commercial Dealerships, Education and Retail.


While we are headquartered in Vancouver, WA – we have installations in Arkansas, Maryland, Washington State, District of Columbia, Oregon and Canada. We can service your location anywhere.
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Kimberly Brecko

Integrator of Indoor Network Digital Signage, Mobile Messaging and Text to Screen Delivery Systems.
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Director of Technology
Integrator of Indoor Digital Signage, Mobile Messaging and Text to Screen Delivery Systems.
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Charles Roxin

Strategic Operations Director

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