About Us

Kimberly Kimberly Brecko PresidentRandy Randy Short Director of Technology

Charles L Roxin Strategic Operations Director

  Integrators of wireless hardware for content delivery and mobile connectivity through LCD display signage. Experts in scalable wireless signage systems, mobile connectivity and content delivery between digital signs and the viewer’s mobile phone. We pair wireless signage and mobile technologies to meet our clients’ brand loyalty and e-commerce needs, whether those call for stand alone or multi-screen networks. Some of EDM’s indoor LCD signage advantages over traditional printed materials and static signs are the ability to change messages in “real time” and enable just-in-time marketing implementation. Reducing the reliance on paper and eliminating shipping and labor costs, your planned communications can play at any location, at any time, during any day or season. From a web-browser you can manage and target screens for tailored media content on any display. Product and brand promotions can now be done in a dynamic and engaging format, and at a much lower cost when compared with traditional print media. Specialties:Indoor Digital Media: Information and Way-finding; Donor Walls; Menu Boards. Messaging: Integrated Mobile to Screen Connectivity; Loyalty Programs Using Text Delivery Systems. Management: Ongoing Content Development and Brand Strategy. Industries: While digital signage is applicable to any industry, our specialties are: Hospitals, Clinics, Retirement Communities, Commercial Dealerships, Education and Retail. Please check out the story on us that ran in the Columbian.