Tuality Healthcare Case Study

Tuality decided that they needed to improve their communication via digital delivery and easy-to-read screens. EcoDigital Media allowed them to provide patients, families, visitors and employees more information, in a more concise and easily read manner.


Digital signage at Tuality needed to replace their old bulletin board wall, where notices where tacked up and pamphlets made available. The print was often small and difficult for patients to read, and there was quite a bit of overhead in changing out and updating information.








The initial conceptual sketches for the entrance and the lounge are shown above. The digital screens can display the necessary information in a larger format, and can provide direction in a more readable format for many of the patients.







The above shows what the new lobby entrance looked like once the installation was completed. Tuality’s new digitalized donor wall can be seen below!

Tuality Healthcare mockup_w screen