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Digital Signage FAQ

What infrastructure will I need to set up this display?
You will need a 120V electrical outlet for two power sources and wifi service to connect to the internet.Digital Media Player

Why a commercial screen instead of a TV from Costco?
Made for heavy duty cycle of 16 hour daily running time and public environment, built-in seven (7) day programmable on/off timer, lower energy cost, and a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

What if I already have a monitor or TV?
A media player can be added to your screen (the TV must be HDMI compatible) to allow you to participate in the content programming.

Can one media player play two monitors in different areas?
It could require wiring into walls and a switch to use one media player for multiple screens, and it only allows you to run the same content on both screens. It is recommended to have on player per screen.

What does a Wifi enabled media player do?
This means the content is loaded via a web-based tool. Take advantage of this technology, especially with multiple displays, making the most of your content options based on the location of the display.

What if I want to take the media player to a trade show with no Wifi?
The content can be saved to a SD card and played directly from the card without internet connection. Ease in use – this will bring consistency to your branded messaging.

What if I want my own custom content template?
EcoDigital Media can create a custom template for you and manage the content for an additional fee.