Integrated digital media solutions provide you with what you need to meet the Digital Imperative for communicating with today’s audiences. As a state-of-the-art, scalable and sustainable wireless platform, this real-time medium provides the versatility you need to combine art and message to create a truly unique emotional connection with your audience that will transform their experience with your company.

Here are some examples of how our clients have revolutionized how they engage their key audiences:

Donor Walls

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Your donors are important, and they want to know how things are going. Why wait until the end of the year to express your appreciation to them on a plaque, or the end of the month to update them on your progress on a key initiative in a monthly newsletter? With digital media you can express your gratitude immediately. Thank them on their way out after making a donation, or give them an update on the latest capital campaign project. Inspire and motivate your donors and attract new ones like never before with high-impact content specifically targeted to them in real-time, any time. And -with the virtually unlimited capacity of digital media – you won’t ever have to build another confining wall for donor plaques.

Menus and Menu Ingredients

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Food enthusiasts like variety, and many are conscientious about what they eat. Couple this with recent legislation requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts on menus and you are faced with frequently changing recipes, menus and ingredients. The printing costs alone can challenge any restaurant, not to mention the time delay. With digital media, you can transform your clientele’s dining experience, provide them with key nutritional data and manage your costs – all while seated at the table.

Way Finding

DEKUM BUILDING 007Do you remember how to properly fold a map? Neither do your customers. The last thing you need is a client or customer roaming the halls – and potentially coming into contact with competitors – in search of you or your services. With the touch of a screen and intuitive directories, digital media solutions will be there guiding them to yet another positive experience with your company. To immerse them further while they are reviewing to your business, why not make them aware of current promotions and key information, or give them a call to action through their mobile device?


Employee Bulletin Board

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Your employees are a valuable asset to your company, and the information you communicate to them directly affects their experience each day. From special events to general announcements to safety bulletins to recognizing employee achievements and introducing new employees, or to just share company stories – you need a communication medium that will be read and understood in real-time, just-in-time, any time.


Inform your tech-savvy patrons of coming attractions, special events and promotions. Send push announcements about program details to their mobile devices to keep them informed, up-to-date and coming back for more. Audiences can go “beyond the poster” with the latest trailers and movie or exhibit reviews. They can even post their own review, upload information to their Facebook, or purchase tickets for your next event.

Mobile solutions

Don’t just communicate – engage your audience and transform their behavior with digital signage integrated with mobile messaging. Tailor your content, your message and your medium to a specific audience with technology that expands communication from your platform into their mobile device. Up close and personal – every time.

Emergency Alerts

Real-time, just-in-time, every time, any time and where the people are. As far too many recent events have shown us, a day that starts out as ordinary can easily become anything but. Get emergency information to those who may be affected as quickly and accurately as possible.