3 big ways for healthcare to benefit from digital signage

3 big ways for healthcare to benefit from digital signage

While we have yet to see an industry that doesn’t benefit from digital signage installations, having been involved in hospital systems for the better part of the last eight years has empowered us to see how it has been an integral part of a healthcare environment. From the emergency room to helping patients with transportation options, we’ve seen so much growth in this industry with the integration of visual communication networks.

1) Waiting Areas

Traditionally, the goal of having digital screens in waiting areas was to mitigate patient boredom, which is why cable television was the default medium. However, we’ve come to learn that the content we provide to patients should be in an effort to soothe and inform. Digital screens have empowered waiting room staff to improve communications with employees, inform patients of events and provide short bursts of entertainment through public health tips in an engaging way.

2) Marketing

The ability for healthcare marketing departments to deploy and manage content across a multitude of platforms is incredibly powerful. Marketing departments use digital signage to promote other hospital services, events, push social media channels, build brand awareness and encourage better public relations. A sense of community and trust with target audiences is created more quickly with the consistent, strong message that our integrated solutions deliver.

3) Cost Savings

Legacy systems, over time, become over encumbered and costly. Print materials, which used to be a primary source of marketing, were also a very expensive solution. The switch to a digital platform reduces costs exponentially and eliminates the need for re-prints after rebrands, during campaigns as well as the majority of print media. The ability to perform updates in real-time also reduces the number of full-time resources required, and by proxy, your bottom line.

Whether you’re looking to install digital signage to help patients navigate your facility or improve communications with patients and employees, visual communications networks are a powerful medium that have both short and long term benefits for you and your business.

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