The Rise of Digital Signage in Healthcare Clinics

The Rise of Digital Signage in Healthcare Clinics

August is eye exam month. If you’re in the eye-health industry, you hopefully got more business in this period. 

Considering that 164 million U.S. adults wear glasses, this is a good business to be in, whatever the month is!

This is especially true when you focus on content creation through digital signage. This technology is becoming a game-changer for industries like hospitals and clinics.

Content Management Through Digital Signage

Digital signage in a healthcare setting 

Clinics have been limited by traditional methods of content management delivery. This is not the case anymore since digital displays can effectively provide multiple types of content. This includes support-type content for staff and content that informs patients in an engaging way whether it’s in the lunch room or waiting room.

This significantly improves the customer experience. Content management through digital signage can: 

  • Provide important information – On wellness tips, eye exam procedures, and other educational content. Here’s an example of a piece of content advertised by one of our clients:

“We are so happy to be able to share upcoming promotions and announce our new physicians and staff members to our customers using our new digital signage system” – Administrator, Peace Health (PHSW)

  • Decrease patients’ impatience (pun intended) and anxiety – Your patient will have less time to stress about that impending eye exam if they’re being entertained. There’ll be a whole lot less tapping of the feet and aggressive clock-staring where engaging media is involved.
  • Assist patients to find their way to your practice – Customers may find it hard to locate your clinic, especially if it’s large. By implementing wayfinding technology in your digital signage system like interactive maps and directories at the entrance, you’ll avoid adding confusion to your patient’s ailment!
  • Optimizes patient intakes – Facilitating self-driven appointment bookings, sign-ups, and payments make for a faster and more efficient experience!

In a nutshell, digital signage creates a more productive and safe environment for clinics and healthcare establishments. Your eye clinic would certainly benefit too.

The Power of Choice: Systems in Digital Signage

We’ve heard that ‘variety is the spice of life’. This is an old but true saying. Clinics that take on this technology will be spoilt for choice. 

Here are just some of the content management options:

  • Touch screens
  • System alerts
  • Interactive wayfinding
  • Video walls

Use the assortment above to get your creative juices flowing. You can really devise effective ways to relay important information that suites your brand and style.

Place the media in multiple points to grab patient and staff attention. This will likely maintain attention too.


Digital signage really does spell great things for the healthcare industry. Hospitals and clinics alike stand to benefit greatly. 

Content creation will never be the same again. Its core remains the same, but this technology has simply taken it to the next level. 

Do you want to find out more? To learn how you can get the best digital solution for your marketing goals, visit our website today. 

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