Beacon Technology

beacon technology

Beacon Technology

Business intelligence with beacon technology has generated more than $54B in revenues over the course of the last year. As the physical and digital world converges, connecting people to their surroundings has been an imperative part of activating potential clients and creating more awareness around your brand.


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Industry Agnostic Applications

While retail has the most publicized gains as a result of using geofencing technology, it truly is an agnostic technology that can be used across multiple industries. Hotels, healthcare, sports stadiums, event spaces, and even small businesses and farmers markets are tapping into a previously untouched market through proximity marketing and beacon technology.

Mobile based communication

With mobile devices firmly embedded in our lives, the success of your marketing and engagement efforts can hinge upon your organization’s ability to optimize for mobile devices. In fact, in 2016, 51% of digital  marketing budgets were allocated to mobile marketing. Year over year, the utilization of mobile media has steadily increased, paving the way for marketers to not only capitalize on revenue growth, but also as a means of engaging and educating current and potential clients.

Highly targeted advertising

Beacon technology gives organizations the ability to push message potential and existing clients who are in the same geographical proximity as their business. Overcoming this major hurdle empowers organizations to finely tune and target audiences that may have otherwise gone unnoticed and engage them in a more personalized way.


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