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Our Team

Inside the walls of our cozy office lives decades of experience dedicated to building better brands through digital signage
Graeme Thomsen
UK Business Operations
Cassie Eaton
Cassie Eaton
Marketing Content Coordinator
Heidi Babi
Heidi Babi
Engineering Director

Our Story

In 2009 when we opened the doors at EcoDigital Media in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we did not intend to become a national brand. All we wanted was to help local businesses transition to digital signage and visual communications solutions that could grow their businesses and save them money. What we learned very quickly though, was that there was a larger than anticipated demand for this seemingly simply concept. Soon, we had clients from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. asking us to help them drive their businesses forward by using the power of digital communications. We are continually amazed and humbled at what EcoDigital Media has grown into and consider ourselves to be so very fortunate as we embark upon our ninth year.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating immersive, engaging digital experiences for our clients that propel their businesses forward.

Our Vision

We aspire to innovate and inspire through visual communication platforms that improve the lives and build better brands.

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